The Microblading Studio only offers Micropigmentation Services and PMU (Permanent Make Up) that age well and that we absolutely LOVE.

These treatments can be done naturally and beautifully to enhance your features. Imagine waking up with flush, defined, tinted lips, a filled in lash line and gorgeous brows!

Fusion Brows
is the most popular.  
This look is a natural hair stroke combined with a shaded soft defined brow.  

Lash Enhancement complements everyone!  
Not your traditional liner, this is placed at the base of your lashes giving the illusion
that you have more lashes and defines the eye, making all eye colors pop out.

Lip Color is a natural look to define your shape
where you may have lost color through age or time, most often seen in the Vermillion Border.  
Putting the color back in the lip gives the illusion that your lips are larger.


A Touchup Session between 6 and 8 weeks is included for all of our procedures.

High Definition Microblading     575

HD Microblading with Brow Shading - FUSION Brow     675

Correction or Previous PMU: Consultation required in advance 25

Powder Brows/Brow Shading     675

Lash Enhancement Tattoo     450

Lash Enhancement & upper Liner    550

Lip Tint/Shading     700

Lip Stick Effect/Shading    850

Deposit Amounts

Permanent Makeup Consultation Fee  $25 paid in advance

There is a 20% non-refundable deposit for every service that is applied towards your cost when booking online.  You may also book over the phone where we can take a fixed $100 deposit. 

Touchup Fees

(All Prices Subject to Change)

First Touchup Free (Perfecting Session) within 6-8 weeks of the procedure

6-10 Month Touchup $250
11-20 Month Touchup $300
20-24 Month Touchup $350
2-3 years Touchup $400
After 2 years Touchup $500

*After 1 year and excessive fading has taken place due to waiting too long, in the event the re-drawing needs to happen, there will be an extra $100 fee

Touching up someone else’s work (if work is less than 6 months and no shape correction or change): $450 - CONSULT REQUIRED in advance to book

For all other Touchups from other Microblading Artists and Corrective Microblading $700

Perfecting Session Rescheduling Fee

In the event you need to reschedule your complimentary perfecting session, the following fees are incurred due to the extra work needed.

$100 - 8-11 weeks $150 - 12-15 weeks $200 - 16-20 weeks    

Cancellation Policy

We also do kindly ask to be noticed 72 hours in advance for any cancellations/reschedules - 

Per our policy, it will be 75% of the appt cost for late notice under 24 hours. No less than $75, but not exceeding $300 per appointment.

Fees are due prior to rebooking your appointment.